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Communication is the sole channel through which human beings manage to relate and remain connected to each other. There exist various mediums of communication- from making sign languages, talking in person, writing letter to making communications using technology and gadgets like mobile phones and computers. With the arrival of technological advances like internet we stopped writing letters to people at distant places but send emails from computers instead. Email, or Electronic mail, was one of the greatest inventions in the communication technology. We were able to send mails across continents at an instant with just a click from the computer. Later, mobile technology arrived and dominated the power of email which featured not only making phone calls but sending SMS, or Short Message Service, facilities also. It didn’t have to have internet connection for sending SMS which made its edge in getting ahead of email services. Plus, it was mobile i.e. we can send message from anywhere we travelled and at any time. So, who needs a computer and internet connection when we can just reach down our pockets and make calls or send texts right away?

In the world today, there is literally no person who doesn’t own a mobile phone. Mobile phones have become an essential part our lives now. The development in mobile technologies with the combination of internet has made its way to the sky. When Smart phones were introduced there was technically no way beating it down. Smart phones are mobile phones but with integrated operating system which supported multiple advanced features which are not limited to making calls and sending messages but browsing internet, file and photo transfers, making video calls, and much more. All of these wonderful encounters of technology today are made possible only by the development of mobile applications.

Mobile application development has brought the whole communication medium to a significant higher level. It is a process of developing application software for hand-held devices such PDA, EDA and mobile phones. Its early days date back to the end of twentieth century. Initially, mobile applications were just small applications such as simple calculator, calendar, stop-watch, ringtone editors, unit and currency converters and arcade games. Contents and applications of mobile have changed significantly with the beginning of the new millennium.  They relied on JavaScript and Flash for improving the graphic user interface experience. Later, arrived Wireless Application Protocol, or WAP, which was a stripped down version of the World Wide Web (WWW). These WAP sites were mostly extensions of branded websites such as and so users accessed news, stock market updates and sport scores right in their phones. But WAP fell short of commercial expectations as it fail to overcome its slow loading speed and the lack of self customization facilities.  Mobile application developers kept on working to meet the needs of the users and hence a few years later integrated operation such as Symbian OS was developed by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Motorola.  In 2007, the Apple iPhone’s iOS was developed and in the following one year, Google came up with its Android OS.

Mobile application development had taken a giant leap by then yet every mobile application still suffered few pros and cons. Mobile application developers are still emerging out daily with various mobile applications in order to meet every user expectations and make it as customizable as possible. Mobile applications have indeed simplified our business and personal lives, the way how we conduct our daily tasks and how we keep ourselves intact and updated with the events taking place around the world today.

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